Saturday, 31 March 2012


This week i took a trip to london, I had an amazing time! We went to the design and textile museum and then head to the Tate Modern not before stopping off at borough market for some food though, the weather was perfect! Enjoy!  

Mali Ox

Thursday, 29 March 2012


So recently I have had some amazing opportunities, I have been able to design and show a shirt I had made and designed in a fashion show, I had a trip to Cambridge where we ate in the most lovely restaurant called browns (I hight recommend it), and just been to some lovely parties with people! I have put the pictures below I hope you enjoy!  

Mali Ox

Thursday, 22 March 2012


For my birthday I got an amazing present I got tickets to go and see the Maccabees! It was so brilliant i love them so much and to see them live so such a treat 

Mali Ox


I have been the worst blogger in the world of late and it is the same excuse as before but I am seriously lacking a computer and I hate blogging from the app on my phone! So a big boo to me! But I am hoping that this week I can write a view post and Schedule them for the next couple of weeks. I hope you have been keep well anyway. I have been up to so much lately but I will tell you all about that in another post. Here are a few pictures to keep you amused.. (I only have my iPhone at the moment so quality maybe a little poor) 

Mali Ox