Friday, 20 January 2012

Eye Catching

 So every now and then I have decided that I am going to do a post with photos that have caught my eye. This is normally because I am being lazy and I haven't uploaded and edited my pictures yet, but we will try and keep that our little secret. I will use this other excuse, that is true, I am in love with picture. Pictures of anything, they make me happy, I have a whole folder which I just look through every now and then just for a smile. 

 I want this ROLEX so badly!!! Rolex envy!! 

Have an amazing weekend
Lots of Love 
Mali ox

Pictures from tumblr.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Short suit

Yesterday I  shopped, ate, ate and shopped some more with my beautiful friend Martha. She is off to Paris at the weekend, I am totally jealous but still have been on two shopping trips with her to find her perfect outfit. We drunk masses of coffee and talked about complete rubbish, I love days like that. 
I am incredibly tired at the moment and I I have been up for a couple of nights worrying about my ideas for my course. Nightmare (Grr). 
But in other news in my post I am wearing a short suit from Topshop that Martha had brought me for my birthday, it's so cute. I have always wanted a Chanel suit, so she brought me as close to it as she could.

Lots of Love 
Mali Ox 

Golden Globes

So this week we have had some big happenings, I am talking about the Golden Globes and Milan Mens Fashion Week. This is a time when people like me and you can judge and be amazed at what is on the red carpet and runaways. Although (and I am sorry to toss you aside catwalks) the Golden Globes took my personal and I am sure a lot of peoples fashion limelight. There is something about big events in Hollywood that always catches my eye, and I go into a day dream haze of tux's and evening gowns. So here are some of my favourites from the 69th annual Golden Globes. 

Angelina Jolie- in Atelier Versace with Lorraine Schwartz jewels and Brad Pitt in Salvatore Ferragamo. 

Sarah Hyland- in vintage Dolce & Gabbana

Jessica Chastain- in Givenchy Haute Couture

Clive Owen- in Giorigio Armani

Lots of Love 
Mali ox 

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Monday, 16 January 2012

Mans world

I have just bought this LOVELY skirt, its leather, nips in at the waist and fits me like a T! I am so please with it, it was a birthday present off my amazing boyfriend. 
I can't get over the fact how men are becoming at shopping for women these days, well I don't know about you but I can go out with my other half and he will pick out some beautiful stuff for me. I am very impressed with him. 
Maybe that is the kind of society that we live in now where mean are just as good as women at shopping for clothes. Oh and it doesn't just stop at clothes food as well, when I go out shopping I tend to by what looks pretty and go for the nice packaging where as men (from my experience) are a lot more practical, it might just be me or I must have been living under a rock for the last 19 years. 
But moving on and I guess this being a fashion/lifestyle blog I should really talk about what I am wearing: My shirt is from an amazing little website called Never Fully Dressed, I brought it about a year ago when at Clothes Show Live they had a fantastic stall and I think I went back about three times, I am so sad though as I caught and made a small rip under the arm of the shirt but I have to keep wearing it as its one of my favourites. 
My skirt is from H&M and well I have already told you about that. 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. 
All my love 
Mali ox  

Monday, 9 January 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy Birthday! To me!

So it was my birthday yesterday, I was 19 (I know I am getting old). I had a really lovely day. Although I was at college my bestest girl Martha brought me the nicest short suit for Topshop, we had a lunch and then I was off to high tea with my dad and brother at a lovely hotel. Tea, scones and champagne cocktail. Lovely. It was a perfect day and then ended with a perfect evening with my boyfriend. More champagne and lovely food, he got some amazing presents and made my day really special. Here are some photos....

@ Dunston Hall Norfolk- Wearing Zara shirt and Trousers

Mali ox