Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pyjama pants- Yes or no?

Pyjama pants- The question is are they a yes or a no? 

Stella McCartney SS12

For me personally I love them, I first feel in love with them after seeing them in one of my magazines, I don't know what made me love them but I really feel hard. I think it is the effortless look you can achieve while still  looking sophisticated. They are comfy and practical, yet elegant and I think this is really what attracts me to them.
So I went out and brought myself a pair and what an investment it was (I will do an outfit post with them very soon) I can wear them with heels or loafers and they still look wonderful and I feel great in them.

But I really want to know what you guys think- Are they a yes or a no? And why?

Mali Ox

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