Sunday, 9 October 2011


Jumper H&M {£6} Trousers ZARA {£25} Loafers Primark {£6} Rings {Gift}

This week has been so busy.  I have been in meetings all week, ill and missing college.  Bad but also good at the same time.  I have been asked to write a small piece for a local publication about fashion in my town.  I am so excited for this, ideas have been bouncing around my head all week.

I spent Friday stuffing my face with good food and talking to friends about a small trip to London next month, although one of the girls does not know when she is back from Lithuania so we haven't set any dates yet. 

So to the point of this post FASHION. I am such a boring simple, person which comes across in my outfits. But I love these trousers; they fit me perfectly and are the right length for me (I struggle with this quite a bit as I am only 5 ft 1".  They are either too long or too tight around the hips).  ZARA trousers, I find, tend to fit petite girls down to a T.  My top is one I found amongst the sale items years ago and has been sitting in my wardrobe ever since.  I found it during my yearly clear out (clean wardrobe, clean mind); I love it when that happens, forgetting  about a piece of clothing as if it was an old love letter stuffed in a drawer and then BAM it's your new staple item. 

I have on obsession with large rings and I'd love to wear them more, but unfortunately they make my fingers look fat and sausage-esque.  Walking around with what looks like bratwurst on your hands is never a good look.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. 

Mali ox 

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  1. Your trousers are perfect! I love the color.
    I'm also 5'1", so I feel your pain in finding the right fit.
    You pull them off well!